Batman: The Animated Series Christmas With The Joker Storyboard Drawing - ID: oct23072

Batman: The Animated Series Christmas With The Joker Storyboard Drawing - ID: oct23072 Warner Bros.




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An original storyboard drawing from the Warner Bros. animated series, "Batman: The Animated Series" (1992-1997). Featuring three loosely sketched panels of Batman and Robin in the Batcave watching the Joker's disturbing Christmas program, the graphite drawing was created at the studio and used during the early development process of the story. The drawing is from the second episode of the first season, titled "Christmas With the Joker," which aired on November 13, 1992. Measuring 8.5"x14" overall, the storyboard drawing is in very good condition with minor discoloration, creasing, surface and edge wear due to age and handling. The production tape has been cut by Van Eaton Galleries to showcase the original storyboard panel under the corrected panel to the right. The original panel is shown in the image of the singular panel.

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